Rodeo is an attractive red skin yellow flesh variety with delicious flavour, offering unique marketing opportunities for the diversifying North American market. The variety is quite tolerant to Sencor. 

Utilization: Fresh Market Consumption
Maturity: Full Season
SkinColor: Red, smooth to medium smooth skin
FleshColor: Light yellow with no after cooking darkening
Shape: Long-Oval, very shallow eyes
Number: 10-12, very uniform shape
DryMatter: Good, somewhat mealy
Dormancy: medium long to long
Yield: High to very high

  • Resistant to internal defects
  • Resistant to Fusarium (Sulfureum)
  • Moderately resistant to common scab & powdery scab
  • Susceptible to foliage blight
  • Susceptible to PVYo & PYVn, tolerant to PVYntn.
  • Susceptible to blackspot bruise
  • Tolerant to heat and draught
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