This Canela cross, is a high yielding dual purpose Russet.  It produces attractrive, oblong shape tubers with shallow eyes and good uniformity.  It produces vigorous vines and is suited to organic production.

Utilization: Dual Purpose (Consumption / Fresh).
Maturity: Full Season.
SkinColor: Russet.
FleshColor: White.
Shape: Oblong.
Number: 7-9, uniform medium to large
Dormancy: Medium - Long.
Yield: High marketable.

  • Heat to drought tolerant 
  • Resistant to Common Scab.
  • Resistant to Mechanical damage.
  • Resistant to Verticilum wilt.
  • Resistant to Secondary Growth and Growth cracks.
  • Low incidence of External and Internal defects.
  • Susceptable to Late Blight
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