Tebina continues to establish commercial field yield production records. If an ultra low price point is required to capture business, Tebina could be your answer. High yields and specific gravities in the 1.085 -1.088 range also present opportunities for processing.

Utilization: Multi-purpose fresh market and processing.
Maturity: Late season main crop.
SkinColor: Golden Light Russet
FleshColor: White.
Shape: Long oval.
Number: High.
DryMatter: High.
Dormancy: Long.
Yield: Very High - potentially a yield record setter.

  • Has demonstrated generally good resistance to virus diseases.
  • Good resistance to foliar and soil born diseases.
  • Partial resistance Common scab.
  • Tolerance to environmental extremes.
  • Requires larger than average hilling to prevent greening.
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