Avalanche is a high yielding early maincrop with even sized tubers that set deep with no greening. Tubers are attractive and store well.  The principal culinary use of Avalanche is as boiled, mashed and fried.  Texture is waxy and does not disintegrate.  Avalanche grow well in hot climates.  It has a long dormancy and stores well. 

Utilization: Fresh Market.  Maturity: Early Maincrop.
SkinColor: Smooth, slightly netted.
FleshColor: White.
Shape: Round-Oval with shallow eyes.
Number: Numerous and even size.
DryMatter: Low, cooking type AB.
Dormancy: Long.
Yield: High; medium large tuber size.

  • Fairly good resistance to drought and heat
  • Good resistant to mechanical damage
  • Good resistant to fusarium dry rot
  • Field immune to potato wart
  • Moderate resistance to common scab
  • Susceptible to Golden nematode Ro1&4
  • Susceptible to late blight
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