Moonlight: Vigorous growing, low Nitrogen requirement, and low physiologal defects makes Moonlight a very grower-friendly potato.  Excellent all round eating quality and very suitable for pre-packing and processing into french fries.  Processing quality is excellent after medium term storage.

Utilization: Dual Purpose.  Maturity: Full Season.
SkinColor: Attractive, slightly netted.
FleshColor: White.
Shape: Oval-round with shallow eyes.
Number: Moderately High, (10/12) .
DryMatter: Good, cooking type BC.
Dormancy: Moderately Long.
Yield: High; large tuber size.

  • Good resistance to drought and heat
  • Good Resistance to Pallida (2+3) and Golden Nematode (Ro.1+4)
  • Moderately resistant to mechanical damage
  • Good resistance to bacterial soft rots
  • Good resistance to common and powdery scab
  • Some tolerance to late blight
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