NADINE is an attractive round white fresh market variety with a proven track record in both North Temperate and Warm Southern climates. NADINE is a variety favoured by producers as it is a dependable yielder of marketable product.

Nadine Management Profile
Utilization: Fresh Market and Export.Maturity: Medium.
SkinColor: Smooth white appearance, shallow eyes.
FleshColor: White with moderate specific gravity.
Shape: Tubers are large, with round-oval shape.
Number: High, (+14) .
DryMatter: Low to moderate.
Dormancy: Medium.
Yield: Very High.

  • Highly tolerant to climatic extremes. 
  • Good resistance to mechanical damage.
  • Good resistance to Cyst nematodes R01 
  • Good resistance to foliar and soil born diseases.
  • Good scab resistance and PVY virus.
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