White Beauty comes with a lot of promise. Not only is it showing itself to be an excellent all-round cooking potato, it has a very nice taste and produces attractive bright white tubers that store well.  It is very suited to washing and pre-packing with no after cooking discoloration.

Utilization: Fresh Market.  Maturity: Mid Season.
SkinColor: Smooth and bright.
FleshColor: White.
Shape: Round-Oval with shallow eyes.
Number: High (10/12).
DryMatter: Medium, cooking type AB.
Dormancy: Medium-Long.
Yield: High; medium large tuber size.

  • Fairly good resistance to drought and heat
  • Moderately resistant to mechanical damage
  • Susceptible to Golden nematode Ro1&4
  • Susceptible to late blight
  • Good resistance to PVY
  • Moderate resistance to common scab
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