Actrice is an early potato variety for the fresh marketplace. This variety yields well and produces beautiful round-oval tubers with very good culinary qualities.  Additionally, there is no after cooking discoloration. It is very well suited to washing and stores well

Utilization: Multi-purpose fresh market.
Maturity: Early.
SkinColor: Yellow.
FleshColor: Light Yellow.
Shape: Large round-oval, uniform sizing.
Number: Medium (8-12 tubers).
DryMatter: Medium.
Dormancy: Medium Long.
Yield: Very high marketable yeilds.

  • Good Common scab resistance.
  • Resistance to PVYn.
  • Drought tolerant.
  • Resistance to PCN nematodes (Ro 1&4).
  • Immune wart disease.

Notes: Actrice has an exceptionally bright and smooth skin finish.  Take care to ensure proper skin set prior to harvest.

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