ELECTRA - as the name implies, has an electrifying appearance. Large round shaped yellow skinned and yellow fleshed tubers present a bright smooth appearing tuber, sure to catch the eye of today's consumer. Currently in a seed increase program, sample volumes of ELECTRA are available for field trials.

Utilization:Fresh Market Consumption.
Maturity: Early.
SkinColor: Light Yellow.
FleshColor: Yellow.
Shape: Oval.
Number: Moderate.
DryMatter: Medium.
Dormancy: Medium Long.
Yield: Very high marketable yeilds.

  • Some resistance to Common Scab.
  • Resistance to Foliar blight.
  • Good tolerance to bruising and mechanical handling.
  • Resistance to Potato nematodes (Ro 1).
  • Store well in medium to long term storage periods.


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