Lanorma has a bright porcelain appearing skin, generally absent of lenticels. This variety appears to have a luster like brightness that could establish a new benchmark for appearance of fresh market potatoes.  Maintains good appearance coming out of storage.

Disease resistance, high yields, flavour and appearance present an outstanding combination of traits that hold promise for producers growing Lanorma.

Management Profile
: Fresh Market.
Maturity: Mid Season.
SkinColor: Bright clean yellow skin
FleshColor: Bright Pale Yellow.
Shape: Tubers are large, with a Round Oval shape.
Number: High.
DryMatter: Medium.
Dormancy: Long.
Yield: Very High.

  • Mechanical damage and Internal Bruising. Resistant to PLRV, PVY, PVX
  • Good resistance to foliar and soil born diseases.
  • Good resistance to Common scab.
  • High tolerance to environmental extremes.

Resistant to Hollow Heart, Growth Cracks and Second growth.


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